the cause of 90% of my debt

Ah the HMRC, the most unsympathetic entity in existence.  “Having issues sir?”, “can’t pay on time sir” etc.  Oh we understand, but here is a 10-15% fine just to say we understand.   So take your late payment, and add your fine, then your daily interest and so your debt begins.

Can’t pay on time must of been my fault you say?  and people have said that, however…remember life doesn’t run easily, sometimes things happen externally.   Don’t be too quick to judge me, I have paid back an enormously large amount of money but will I ever catch up?  Yes…but I have had to drastically change my job and life.

The moral here, never ever build up a debt with HMRC, as it suddenly spirals out of control.

We will explore further the debt, and how it links in to being a single parent.  The struggle, and the opinions of different people.

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