making money through luck and persistance

So how can you increase your cash flow, in times of crisis?  Well, as you can imagine I investigated every method possible from selling blood, to male escorting, to playing the lottery and so on.   Of all the things I tried, and had to use, to try and relieve my dire situation one has been quite successful.   Entering competitions..

I started doing this following a chance conversation with a friend of mine, who’s mother had made thousands of pounds from entering competitions and selling the prizes.  I scoffed, as many of us would, because “nobody every wins those things”.  Well, evidently they do!

Here is where I got lucky, I tried a couple of competitions and then amazingly won the first one I entered – a hamper of food.  Well………that saved me a week’s shopping money!   I then won more and more things, the first year I won so many kids toys the cupboards were full ready for Christmas.  I think in the first year of serious debt I saved a fortune of kids toys at Christmas, birthdays and other kids birthdays.  I also won some nice home appliances that I could either keep or sell.  In summary, it worked.

It’s hard work, hour every evening and dedication but what else did I have to do?  Remember I had been kicked out of my home on a ‘trial seperation’.  This was possibly the silver lining, I had so much time on my hands in the evenings and rather than sit there and worry about my marriage and money, I entered competitions.  Hundreds of them.

My most wins was 13 in a month, and the most I made from selling things was just over £1000.   Any amount went to pay off debts.  If I had no debt, my home would be full of the latest items, but they had to go.

It is a pity I wasn’t more dedicated.  Hardened ‘compers’ go the extra mile to win the best things, like cars.  They travel for miles for entry forms, get very creative in competitions that require hours, even weeks, of work.  I just didn’t have the gumption but really, it could win you a car.  Imagine that, a new car you could sell for £7-£10,000.  What a wedge of the debt to pay off!  I actually someone who won a car, by kissing it the longest.  They were allowed a 5 minute break every hour, she did it for 6 days flat.  Fair play, it was a nice car too, a Renault Clio I think, brand new.

I would recommend this though, entering competitions.  Why?  well…they are free to enter with 100% reward.  Yes you may rarely win, but occasionally you win a few at once and even more occasionally they are worth a fair bit of money.

Try it fellow debtors, it really works.

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