Why have a plan if nobody will back it?

One of the most frustrating things about being in debt is you have ideas of how you could possibly get out of it, but nobody will back them because they involve not paying people!   In an ideal world, I would win enough to clear everything and start again, I am not a greedy man, I just want to start from zero.

My main plan involves taking my mortgage payments holidays I am owed.  So, as you may or may not know, for every twelve successful payments you qualify for a 1 month payment holiday.  You have a certain amount of time to take them, anyway to cut a long story short I have 2 owed months.  So why not ring and get them and save some money?  why not indeed…

Well, if you do that, you technically start a new loan.  Your mortgage repayment goes up by something ridiculous like £11 a month but you have to be financially reviewed.  Well that’s me doomed then, my credit score is appalling.   So it was a no…

So let’s review, I am owed 2 months non payment.  That saving would clear 2 debts, meaning more money in my account when the mortgage starts again.  However, I am not allowed to have the loan repayment holiday so I am in the same boat.  What does it take to convince these companies of your plan, and how it benefits every party?

And there is the problem isn’t it?  When it comes to logical financial propositions nobody will touch you without a credit score.  What would help is if someone came to your house, rather than over the phone, and listen.  Listen to the whole picture, look at the raw actual benefits of the request and make a decision then.

Sadly, the world isn’t that easy is it fellow debtors?  divorced or not…

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