External advice – sometimes good, sometimes irrelevant

I searched a lot of places for debt advice, and there is a lot of good stuff.  However, I found most of it geared towards what I would class as ‘standard debt’.  What I mean by that is credit cards, overdrafts etc.

But where is there practical advice on major debt, like the Inland Revenue?   Or advice for people with the additional problem of going through family separations?

A good solid piece of writing is here http://www.modestmoney.com/defeating-debt-good/ but as you will see, not helpful for myself.  But don’t let it stop you reading, it will help some of you guys out.

What would be good is someone who has been through a 6 figure debt and come out the other side writing a practical advice sheet.   This, I hope, is what my blog will ultimately achieve WHEN I clear the final amounts.

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