Oh HMRC, give me a break!

The readers with better memories will recall that I get continually fined by the HMRC, despite negotiations and pleas.  These fines make up a 3rd of my debt to them, and it grates on me every day.

Readers will also recall I get my mail redirected to my parents house.  Popped there today to collect my mail, and there is a letter from Companies House. This letter, for once, is expected as I have closed my company and removed it from the VAT register.  I thought this letter was the confirmation.

When you close a company, you submit final accounts.   Informed HMRC they would be late as we have to account for all my debtors INCLUDING the HMRC, so we had to wait for the amount I owed.  Got all the information, posted the accounts 4 weeks late.

So I open this piece of mail and what do I find?  £350 FINE FOR LATE FILING OF ACCOUNTS, PAYABLE IMMEDIATELY.

Are you actually joking me?   I utterly despise them, it is a waste of time ringing and explaining things.  Anyone else dealing with them, don’t bother.  Just pay what you can, and submit what you can, you will get fined anyway!

Net summary, my debt has increased AGAIN by £350.  Yet again, due to a fine.

How can I ever get out of this nightmare with them?   Lottery win, the time is now!

Still smiling though…

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