time for a meeting, two actually!

Very busy today but made a decision, and organised 2 meetings.  They are over the phone sadly but first stages!  Do you know what triggered this enthusiasm?  Of course you don’t, well I found some money.  Don’t get excited people, it was just 20p.  For some reason when I picked it up, I thought “how else I can make money come to me?”.  Well, pleading is the way forward!

Meeting One

This is with my bank.   I have been in my overdraft for years, 5 I think.  Anyway, now that legislation has changed I have decided to ask for my bank charges back.  I qualify due to the shocking financial predicament I find myself in.  So why do I need a call?  Well here is the irony, to get the statements I need will cost me money!   Cheers then, so to claim back my money I have to pay extra money, I don’t think so!   My meeting is to request the total I have been charged over the years and then the statements as proof.  If I have to pay, I will add it to the total and use that evidence as proof on how badly I am off.

Meeting Two

My mortgage company.  Yes the very same mortgage company I have described previously. This time I am armed better with how missing two months will help.  I have the debt amounts and the one it will pay off, giving me more disposable income.  The best result is to meet me half way and give me one month off.   Even that would be a help.

Each day is a newly thought out way of finding ways to lower the debt.  I remember the joy of clearing one of them off, just the knowledge of one less payment coming out of my bank account was amazing.  Sadly it appeared to make no difference to my poor credit rating!

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