cartoon highlights inner concerns

I have watched, and laughed at, The Simpsons for years.  Today though was different, the episode saw the family get evicted from the home for non payment of bills.  It’s odd isn’t it though, how one thing can instantly release your inner concerns.

From reading my blog you will know it is my worst fear, to lose the family home.  Even watching the cartoon reactions was enough to make me wonder about it again.   I wonder how many other people, in similar debt positions, have watched programs on television and instantly realised they might be next.

Looking at other programs, the listings are bleak.  Such programs as “Can’t Pay, We’ll Take It Away” and various repossession related screenings.   I wonder what message these are meant to portray, are they meant as a warning?  I watched one on catch-up it did seem to give you a shameful picture of make sure you pay or we will get you!  There is no empathy on there, just a couple of fellas with clipboards writing up your belongings whilst the poor family stand there.

This qualifies as reality tv I guess, but is the reality that bleak?

Nobody wants to lose their things, and the fact people do shouldn’t be plagiarised just for other people’s entertainment.   It’s a shame that since the introduction of Big Brother, nothing is sacred now.  Anything can be filmed, and played to an audience nowadays.

I aim to avoid this scenario at all costs.

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