travel time means thinking time

Had a couple of meetings to attend this week, nothing unusual about that.  I tend to get out of my city a couple of times a week, but the last couple of days have been an utter nightmare.

Yesterday was London, went well to I looked for my train home.  All cancelled, brilliant, thanks so much.  Cue a long awkward journey to alternate stations and a home time of 9pm.

Today, a whole day driving to Manchester then back, home time 8pm

But, normally I would be cheesed off but I have to be honest, it gave me a lot of thinking time.  Recently, this has been a bad thing, for very obvious reasons.  But, when you are on your own with literally nowhere to go but home, all you have is time.  Time to think, time to reflect.

From time to time, I think you need a change of scenario to do your thinking.  In bed, normally bad things.  On your sofa on your own, also mainly bad things.  When I say bad things, I mean things that are going on in your life.  But put yourself on a train with thousands of people, or in a car for 8 hours and you can logically think of other things and try to find alternate solutions.

I also people watch, looking at individuals and wonder what their lives are like.   It actually helps, you see other people looking sad or bored.  I notice no wedding ring on people older than me, listen to their inappropriate conversations, watch them stare out of car or train windows.

What is does is make me not want to be that person.  It is why I am striving to pay off this debt, rather than go the easy way and take bankruptcy.  It’s probably not great to take other people’s sorrow as a baseline for your own, but as a catalyst, it certainly worked for me this week.

Not that it improves my situation, it just gives me a bit more strength to deal with it.

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