oh NOW you care??

Today was an odd day, decided to spend a lot of moving money around, looking for better deals etc all for a united goal – clearing debt faster.   Some moderate success but then came the mail….

For once, no threatening letters.  Always nice to not receive threats, but what was this little white envelope?  Oh it’s a ‘helpful letter’ from my bank offering me financial advice and assistance as they have ‘noticed’ I am experiencing financial difficulties.

But hold on one minute there, do any readers remember this post about being doomed?   Is this the very same bank who refused to give me my bank charges back?  The same bank I have reported to the financial ombudsman?  Why yes it is.

You will notice this post is laced with sarcasm, sadly this is utterly unavoidable.

My favourite part of the letter was “we have noticed that you are constantly paying bank charges and we would love to organise a meeting to go through your options.”   Hmmm yes, now would that be the meeting I asked for many times and I didn’t qualify?

It’s amazing isn’t it?  Genuinely ask for assistance from the “big guys” and get told to do one but report them, well then you are the most loved customer in the world.

So, I will leave the complaint to run it’s true course AND accept the offer a meeting to plough through my bank account.  That won’t take long.

Let’s see what happens.

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