as my life struggles, a new one arrives

Through my recent few days of pure unhappiness, caused by the constant rejection from loan options, a rare glint of sunshine through the clouds.  I have another nephew!

It made me think, I am now meant to be a positive influence on yet another child.  That’s my children and my nieces and nephews, they look to me as the fun uncle.  And mostly I am.

Children have absolutely no clue what some adults are going through, and I truly think that is best.  I have learnt in the last few years that no matter how dreadful your day, you always greet you children with a smile and hug.  As long as they think everything is ok, then they feel safe.  I also think it’s an adult’s role to shield children from real life traumas, which is what I have done.

I googled HMRC harassment, so many stories of people who were driven to a nervous breakdown by it.  I am determined not to go down that route, I’m too strong for that and too proud a father.  But, everyone handles situations differently.  Personally, I go quiet and step away from my friends for a few days and try hard to regain my perspective.

This time, a baby boy is that perspective.   Just got to raise the funds to get my brother and sister and law a gift!

4 thoughts on “as my life struggles, a new one arrives”

  1. Congratulations on your new nephew! Gifts don’t have to cost money – how about making them some gift tokens for things like babysitting once a month for them? This is something I would have loved to receive!


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