For once my ex doesn’t cost me money

Today was a day of saving money.  The major thing that comes out of debt, and the demands of those wanting the debt is that forces you to look at ways to save money.  Ordinarily I would put off looking on comparison sites as it is time consuming and somewhat boring.  However, we are where we are now..

The first moneysaver was I cancelled the gym.  I have a bit of gym equipment at home (not worth much so I can’t sell it!) so I figured if I use my bike more then it is not worth going.  That was £30/month saving me £360 a year.

The second one, I needed the ex.  I have changed the mortgage life insurance due to multiple blunders by my current provider, but it did force me to question how much I was paying.  Went on one of the comparison sites and got the same policy, with extra benefits for £21.15/month compared to my current £47.45/month.  Why did I need my ex?  well she is still on the mortgage of course and thus joint cover is needed.

Asked her and, of course, she jumped at the chance to get free life insurance.  She, of course, fails to realise this is not life insurance but insurance that pays off your mortgage if you perish.   So actually, more reason for her to drop off the planet!  Joking, the kids would be devastated..

So today I have saved £360 + £290 = £650/year.   That is fair whack, especially for someone in my precarious position.  Now it gives me the enthusiasm to look at everything else I can lower costs on.

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