1000 up!

well, I never expected this many views but it has happened.  I am now over 1000 views!  Yes, the hardened bloggers may scoff at this number but for me, I set this up as a way of communicating what I am going through, to people who don’t know me.

1000 views, and from so many countries as well.   I truly hope my posts so far have been interesting and people can relate.  There have been some great comments and some excellent advice too.  Blogging is a real community isn’t it.

Who knows, perhaps when I get to 5000 views, I will be in a better position.  That is something to aim for I think.

Some of the other blogs I have read, and indeed I follow a few, are truly excellent.  I often try and emulate them but at the end of the day, I can only write what is in my head.

Hope everyone has had a good weekend and keep reading!

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