How does it work then, free money?

So, I follow another blog.  I am not going to name the blog or link to it, for the main reason that I don’t want to drive traffic to it!   Why am I going to speak about another blogger’s blog?  Well, stick with it, I have some questions.

I have not been blogging very long, but I am aware of the different reasons for having a blog.  I started mine purely and simply to act as a window, a window to my inner happenings so that I can give, and receive, advice.  I do not review anything, or test freebies, or ask for anything.  But each to their own, their are some brilliant review blogs.  Some have made me buy things!

But, this blog I read.  It is purely to get people to give him money to clear his debts.  Do you know what though, people do!  So, here is my question – why?  I am big and bold enough to admit I got myself into the majority of my mess, not helped by the HMRC obviously, but I expect nobody else to clear it for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I hope for a lottery win weekly or cash award, or even to meet a rich lady who just happens to love me!   No, if you met me in person I am a very closed book.  On here, I can be open because nobody knows me, but in real life you would know nothing is wrong.

Back to this blog, every new post updates the readers on how much people have contributed and how much has been paid off.  There is an up to date contributions counter (currently at $768) and link to his paypal address.   How is this working?  why are people paying money into this account?   I have read all his posts, the debt appears to stem from student debt so why are people obliged to help him and not others?  I have no clue.  The one difference is it is an American blog, so perhaps people in the U.S. are more generous?

As an experiment, I added my paypal to the About Me section.  Guess how many contributions?  NONE!  But, that is exactly what I expected and nothing more.

Hence, I am confused.  How do some blogs achieve ‘free money’ over others?  I would be more inclined to contribute towards worthy causes such as severe illnesses or family trauma, but a blog about asking for help to clear debt.  No clue how that works.

What about a Pay it Forward idea?  Let’s say, for every five pounds contributed I would do a good deed as dictated by the donor? eg, help someone across the road.  Would people go for that?  Again, I think not.  And why, because those should be everyday deeds, and that is how Karma is born.  Or, the concept of Karma although I have never seen much evidence of it personally.

Rarely do I actually invite comments but, this time, I would love to know people’s opinions of why random strangers are contributing money.

3 thoughts on “How does it work then, free money?”

  1. Upper middle class guilt? Honestly, I haven’t a clue. That said, there have been times I have been moved to help another without a second thought. I have been in debt and scraped and clawed and sacrificed to get out, so I am someone who is prone to “give back” and help someone else out. Yet it is entirely dependent upon circumstance. Sudden widow/widower with debt and children to support? I would be very likely to contribute. Student loan debt of hundreds of thousands for an essentially useless degree? Much less so. I think the difference is circumstance. The first was unexpected or beyond control. The second was somewhat avoidable. It’s not a judgment thing … I certainly do not post snarky comments to anyone, especially those facing serious hardship issues … but one situation is far more compelling and in my view deserving of MY assistance. Like anything and everything personal finance, it is a personal decision, personal choice.

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