something on the horizon

A rare childress weekend for me, that is how it works.  The ex has the children 3 nights a week and it so happened that 2 of the 3 days/nights were Saturday and Sunday.  Rather than sulk about it I took the opportunity to do some things for myself.  Had a friend to visit which was nice to catch up, finally mowed the garden, did a few other odd jobs.  Also, cleared my tv planner!

Spent some time with my family too, some good news for them as they may be about to complete on their home.  Being as they have gone through a total nightmare with this house sale and chain, it was nice to see relief and smiles on their face.

What is strange though is that since my important meeting and the subsequent results from it, there are 3 potentials of money coming my way.  In effect, just waiting over the horizon ready to help me out.   What are these potential cash influxes?

1. My dad said he will be giving all of his kids a cash injection after the house sale.  This is not a given and I never feel that comfortable accepting money, but anything will help.

2. I was involved in a car accident in July, not a bad one so no need to worry, but enough to damage my right shoulder.  This has gone nowhere but oddly, since my meeting and the very next day in fact, I got a letter saying the 3rd party had admitted full liability.  Now I can receive some compensation.  Again, this is not something I have asked for nor faked injury.  Whatever the figure is, it will help.

3.  I qualify for a bonus at work as I have delivered all my targets, as confirmed over the weekend.  This is 20% of my wage (minus tax of course Mr HMRC), but a nice pot.   Again, this will definetly help.

I realise that I struggle to stay positive, but I do believe if you can somehow improve your situation it tends to open other doors.  This has happened many times.  If I am down, I stay down.  Nothing seems to help, but if I somehow improve my situation by a little bit it seems to allow other good luck to follow.   This may sound ridiculous, I am aware of that.  But, you have to admit the timing of the 3 potential cash injections is very odd bearing in mind that I have been living on pennies for months.

Any of those cash injections should clear the debt not included in the liquidation plan.  This SHOULD just leave me with personal debts and loans.   I am paying those though so importantly, no threatening letters or phone calls.

Not a bad weekend really.

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