Underestimated the admin!

Apologies for the quietness, been so busy!  Not just with work, but all the admin!   I knew I would have forms to fill in for the Insolvency but wow.

I had already completed a mountain of paperwork and forms, but then I received my ‘director questionnaire’ from the high court.  It is 48 pages, 46 of which are questions around your financial acumen and how you conducted yourself.  Most of them I could answer but some of the questions are so ambiguous that it is hard to know what to put!

Questions such as “Did you, or are you/have you been aware of, any directorship directly or indirectly linked to the “company” at the perceived date?”  what perceived date??  confused…so I put no!  Or did they mean the company that has gone Insolvent?  Who knows.

I did my best with it though, and was as honest as I could be.

In addition, I had the car accident back in July.  I finally received my medical report and proceed forms.   Again, 28 pages of reporting on a meeting I had ages ago, and then an expenses form for minor trivial expenses.   Again, all done and in the post.

As if my hand was aching enough, I attended my Driver Awareness Course and was handed renewal forms for my driving license as that expires in 8 months.  It feels like there is a mountain of paperwork that I have got through but luckily I have a huge backup of stamps to use!

Sometimes you have to get this stuff done, and things like my blog and entering competitions are forced to take a back seat.

But, all admin is done and out of the way, so back to real life.  Is that a good thing???

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