Week of illness

What a nightmare week, health wise.  I have not been this ill in years, total and utter wipeout.   Flu like symptoms with the additional joy of severe stomach stickness and fluctuating body temperature.  One minute roasting hot, the next shivering under 3 blankets.  Add to that not eating in over 40 hours and virtually no appetite after that..yep, I look great this week!

It started with my son, he had it first but seemed to have gotten rid of it.  When it was kicking in with me I knew it was going to be a bad one!   By some luck, the kids were due to stay at the ex’s house from midweek and this proved to be a superb piece of timing.  Had I had them, I would have had to have sent them away, I had no strength whatsoever.   Consequently, I have had my first sick days in 3 years.

This actually highlights perfectly what a great decision it was to take a permanent role.  Previously I was self employed of course, any days missed meant no pay.  This time, that was not the case.  Backlog of work yes, but no loss of anything else.

This week has not been a total right off.  2 more pieces of financial good news, one from a competition win (yes another one) and one from an admin error from 2010.   The competition win was a cheque for £150 received from a competition win, only the second time I have ever won actual cash, always nice though as it goes straight into your bank account.   Then, yesterday, I got a letter from my mortgage company stating 2 letters, that I had received in 2010, had the wrong information meaning they had been fined by the financial institute.   Consequently, £760 has been knocked off my mortgage balance.  Not a fortune but almost a month’s mortgage payment and I will never grumble about owing less, be it £760 or £7.60!

One minor setback this week is that I have noticed my backdoors are rattling.  No, that is not a euphemism!!   I mean the locks have dropped slightly on the glazed doors so they rattle in the wind.  Luckily a minor repair but the £150 won should cover it.

Hopefully be back to full fitness next week.  As expected, I received little help from the ex but that is nothing new.  What is emphasises again is how hard it is being a single parent, all is well when you are ok but if you are under the weather then things start to get tough.

As a parent you get on with it.

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