December has prompted decisions

I was already thinking of how I can make 2015 better, but this month has forced my hand early.  It has been an exceptional month for me thus far.  5 competition wins, some more debt clearance and I have won Employee of the Year at work.  Some may well sneer at this but remember I have only been there since June and took a massive gamble and large pay cut to take the job.  I took this job as it offered a better future and more time at home.  To win this is massive for me, the high point of anybody’s career surely?

Anyway, I digress…

All these positive outcomes have pushed me to make a number of other decisions.  Firstly, social media.  I have a lot of my ex-wife’s family and friends on facebook.  Largely as I get on with them all and they have always been completely respectful to me.   I contacted a number of them and explained that it was time for us to go our own ways (I failed to mention I was a little tired of my life being tracked by my ex via her friends and family) and that I would be removing them as friends.  I received some fantastic replies back, her family were always lovely that it amazed me that my ex was such a nasty piece of work.   Removing that side of my life was step 1.

Step 2 was my hobby, metal detecting.  I have been very successful at this and set up a group three years ago, this group that has been brilliant to work with and we have made some really superb finds. Sadly, recently, a few of them have secured permissions off the back of existing farms, this is a no go and a lack of respect.  I have also found I am very successful on my own, so rather than share the spoils in the future I have handed the group over and resigned.  The reason for this lies somewhere else too, for years and years I have been known for doing things for others, it’s always “he is a great guy”, “you always do some much for people” etc.  However, I have come to realise that waiting for Karma to pay you back may take some time so I need to make my own success.  I have found this the hard way this year, if I look after number 1 and pursue ideas off my own back I seem to do very well.   So, for this, I am going it alone.

I am still going to be the same guy, happy to help but only for general things.  I am not going to go the extra mile to make people happy.  2015 is all about me looking at ways to be successful, but using my own devices.  I find it you keep yourself and your ideas to yourself, they are more likely to happen.

The final step is to remove my ex wife from all the remaining bills and records, this seems to be the hardest step.  Hard from the point of view that is notoriously difficult to remove someone from any joint administration, due to the large amount of forms and evidence needed.  I suspect that it would actually be easier to change my own identity!  Either way, 2015 will see her eradicated from all house records.

You hit a point in your life where you simply have to stop being Mr Dependable to everyone else and start looking at fixing your own world.   When I am where I need to be, and I have a very clear plan and goal, then I may be that man again.  Not many people have helped me through all of this nightmare which did me a favour I think.  I can look at what I have achieved and know I did it on my own.

2015 is going to be a very good year, something big is around the corner, I can feel it.

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