Postman delivers utter rage

I am well used to dreading the mail coming, due to the HMRC issues but that all stopped a while ago.   But today, the mail delivery brought something took me a level of rage rarely encountered.

As I have mentioned, my ex is constantly pressuring me for money she is NOT entitled to.  It is non stop, and being how manipulative she is, I wondered what her next move would be.  She said before, how she cannot afford a solicitor so we should do mediation.  Should we????  says who??  I have repeatedly called her bluff by asking her to get her solicitor to contact mine so we can proceed.   But what did I get today?

AN APPOINTMENT WITH MEDIATION SERVICES….utterly livid.  The letter states I have been referred to them and that I now have an appointment in May pre-booked and to bring my ID and bank statements.  WHAT…hell no.

Firstly, it is a waste of time.  It is money for nothing, a good £350 worth of nothing.   She is playing a game here, she will not pay for a solicitor but will do this, well I can tell you something I am not going to be attending.  There is no legal obligation to go, what a cheeky cow she is.  Booking me in for that, who the hell does she think she is?

Do you know what, I have so much evidence to use including last week when I found out (completely by chance) she has a sly saving account with £4000 in it.  4 grand, yet she pleads poverty…unreal.

I don’t normally rant but seriously now, enough is enough.  She took everything from me, she left me to deal with the children and their emotions, a load of bills and mutual debt, and carried on with a new relationship.  They live together, she works for him, he bought her a sports car and personal license plate, he gives her money, what am I paying for here?  I pay every single thing for the children, gladly I will say, so why pay more?

Honestly, I am not going to lie to you all, I absolutely positively hate her.  I hate with her such passion I cannot believe we were ever a couple.  She is a greedy, lying, sneaky, manipulative vile creature and anyone who says Karma will step in, let’s see it.

I have been through hell to get myself back on a level, financially and emotionally, and still she won’t leave me alone.

I am so glad I have a punch bag, I have just utterly battered it.

One thought on “Postman delivers utter rage”

  1. The same happened to my friend. Her husband pleaded poverty, put a charge on her house when he left even though he never ever paid towards the mortgage. He forced her into court and she ended up having to hire a barrister. It transpired that he had a cushy little income from a trust fund and his mother had bought a house for him. He was just plain nasty. My friend ended up with £25k legal bill just to keep her home. It makes me so angry. Why do they do this. Stick to your guns and don’t go.


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