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Am I allowed to be smug?

Well now, it seems like my ex-wife is having a hard time of it at the moment with some bad luck.  So, do I act smug or not react at all?  Is this where we battle with Karma?  I have been waiting for a long long time for Karma to pay her a visit, but if I gloat am I inviting Karma to come back for me?  Tricky one isn’t it?

Sod it, I’m going to allow myself a wry smile.

Lest we forget what I have been put through by her, and then all the other personal nightmares I have had.   At some point everyone who has been wronged secretly hopes for some sort of retribution?   It doesn’t have to be anything major but something is good.

Over the last week she has had some a couple of bits of bad news/luck.  Nothing to do with me of course, I don’t tend to meddle in people’s lives.  The timing is not good of course, we are now in the Christmas countdown so any unnecessary, unexpected expenses are unwelcome.  I, more than most, know the stress of those little unwelcome financial surprises.   It is nice though that it is her, and not me, on the receiving end.

Those who follow the blog will, hopefully,  understand my attitude, new followers please read from the very beginning.  Whether Karma exists is debatable, perhaps life just catches up with people in it’s own time.   I am not exactly sure what I believe but I do know that I believe that we are on a path, but the steps are never set in stone (pardon the pun).   Depending what decision you make, your life takes the appropriate turns.  Make enough effort to cope with bad times, and the good times come back. Equally, if you continue to coast through life, treating people like garbage, then at some point you hit a bad turn.  I think, actually I hope, this is one of hers.

It is her turn to struggle a little bit, and I am ok to be smug.  Each week I chip away at the debt, and try my hardest to improve my life through effort and research.

Isn’t it strange, someone you once said that you would love forever you now cannot stand?   But, if you take enough hits from them then sadly that love is broken down.

Her time has been coming, is it now my time to shine?

I truly hope so.

Run of bad luck continues

Those who follow my blog are aware, by now, that bad luck follows me avidly.  I seem unable to avoid it, but still hope that at some point my luck will turn.  Perhaps not strictly bad luck this time, but I will put it in the same bag if I may.

The point I always try to make is that I never seem to be able to not pay out for things, I just never get a clean break.   Despite looking forward to my Insolvency meeting tomorrow, and the promise of a glimmer of financial freedom, 2 more things have happened.  One will most definetly hit my bank account, the other…maybe not.  It will totally depend on whether I bother to get it repaired.

So, my dishwasher has broken.   It’s irritating timing, like most things that break I guess.   I will need to get it repaired as the kids and pets generate lots of things to wash up.  I have no idea how much it will be, but whatever the cost it will eat into my Christmas budget.

Now the next one.  Last time I got home quite late, due to a major road being closed on the way home.  The lateness meant there was little parking in my road, so I was forced to park right up the other end, the first car parking space in the road actually.  I walked up to get it this morning and discovered some total scumbag has keyed it.  They have dragged a key along every panel of the passenger side.   Remember I have only just got the car back from the repair place, so I was livid.  Actually, livid doesn’t even begin to describe it.  I have never understood why people do this to cars, what do they get out of it?   I would love to catch someone, I really would.

The car will cost a lot of money to put right but am I going to do it? no….I don’t have the money at all and what’s the point?  Evidently we cannot have nice things (although the car is 5 years old now but still in nice looking shape), lowlife people take it upon themselves to wreck them.  They are unaware of how my life has been of course, as they dragged their key down my car, laughing.   For me, I was raging.  I suspect this is a build of emotion and frustration recently.

It does feel personal, all these things that keep happening.  At the risk of repeating previous post themes, I feel like life is doing all it can to stop me getting back on my feet quickly.  It feels personal too as it doesn’t seem to happen to anyone else I know, always me.

I have to ask, when will it stop?