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Black Friday (UK) deals

What a busy day bargain hunting, but not for the same bargains as the masses of other hysterical people.   I don’t think it has ever taken that long to get to town, are they savings though?  Most of the ones I saw online were based on RRP prices from July, but needless to say there were bargains to be had.

I did most of my research online and, as such, I then nailed 6 xmas presents today!   I spent less than £100 looking for toys.  Bargain hunters seem to aim for the high end electrical goods but these will depreciate in value quickly, but toys at a 1/4 of the price?  That’s Christmas sorted for my nephews and nieces.  Quite pleased with myself actually.

That is the point of living on a shoestring, you are delighted with any saving you can find!  You all know I was worried about Christmas and how to afford it.   It’s tough and scary, nobody wants to fail as a parent.  They want happy faces on their kids, so I strive to do that.  I don’t care if I don’t have brand new clothes or things in my home, those times will come again I am sure.

Still hopeful some of these competition entries pay off, haven’t won anything notable for a while.

Next week is December, still some shopping to get done but most of it will be online I think.   I am lucky that where my office is, is right on a major high street so any additional shopping is done on my lunch hour.  This saves extra trips in the car as well, see how I count the savings now?

How boring a life that is, but necessary.  If I have learnt anything from this debt nightmare it is how to find the things you need for less.  That is a life skill I will hold on to if (when) I win the lottery!

We can all dream……..