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Lucky Streak!

What an interesting week, been travelling a lot but coming home to exciting mail.  5 competition wins in 7 days, yep…5.  Not cheap ones either, a nice cash win (only my second ever) being one of the wins.  Also the 2 Kindles and now 2 juicers!  One of the juicers is worth £170, but no place in my home for it so ebay it will end up on.

This is an unusual turnaround but emphasises what I have said many times before, you can go months winning nothing then you get a flood!  There is no reason for it, just pure luck of the draw!   The little cash win was a nice pre-Christmas boost, and one of the juicers is black which matches my kitchen sides so a good fit!

It is always a bonus to win the things you either wanted or can sell, especially if of high value!   All the evening hours of entering these competitions make it so worth it.  I truly think all the wins have made a difference to my finances, but also to the outward appearances of my lifestyle.   Anytime that I can add something nice and posh to my home, without buying it, makes me look more successful in other people’s eyes.   I know we shouldn’t care what people think, I never used to but ever since the spectre of debt I have been oh too aware of people’s opinions!

The important thing – say nothing.   Nobody needs to know about these wins, just get on with placing them in your home or selling them.   It is all about self-improvement, and I myself made the effort to win these things by the hours of filling out forms.  Makes a change from filling our financial forms I guess!

December is a big month for competitions, so many Christmas and advent competitions.   Easily 4 times as much effort needed but the rewards are higher.  Anyone else struggling, give it a go.   Never get disheartened either, you will win.  The law of averages decides that for you.   If you can afford a laptop and broadband, nothing can stop you.

Hopefully the lucky streak will continue on, makes a nice change to be honest.

Week of illness

What a nightmare week, health wise.  I have not been this ill in years, total and utter wipeout.   Flu like symptoms with the additional joy of severe stomach stickness and fluctuating body temperature.  One minute roasting hot, the next shivering under 3 blankets.  Add to that not eating in over 40 hours and virtually no appetite after that..yep, I look great this week!

It started with my son, he had it first but seemed to have gotten rid of it.  When it was kicking in with me I knew it was going to be a bad one!   By some luck, the kids were due to stay at the ex’s house from midweek and this proved to be a superb piece of timing.  Had I had them, I would have had to have sent them away, I had no strength whatsoever.   Consequently, I have had my first sick days in 3 years.

This actually highlights perfectly what a great decision it was to take a permanent role.  Previously I was self employed of course, any days missed meant no pay.  This time, that was not the case.  Backlog of work yes, but no loss of anything else.

This week has not been a total right off.  2 more pieces of financial good news, one from a competition win (yes another one) and one from an admin error from 2010.   The competition win was a cheque for £150 received from a competition win, only the second time I have ever won actual cash, always nice though as it goes straight into your bank account.   Then, yesterday, I got a letter from my mortgage company stating 2 letters, that I had received in 2010, had the wrong information meaning they had been fined by the financial institute.   Consequently, £760 has been knocked off my mortgage balance.  Not a fortune but almost a month’s mortgage payment and I will never grumble about owing less, be it £760 or £7.60!

One minor setback this week is that I have noticed my backdoors are rattling.  No, that is not a euphemism!!   I mean the locks have dropped slightly on the glazed doors so they rattle in the wind.  Luckily a minor repair but the £150 won should cover it.

Hopefully be back to full fitness next week.  As expected, I received little help from the ex but that is nothing new.  What is emphasises again is how hard it is being a single parent, all is well when you are ok but if you are under the weather then things start to get tough.

As a parent you get on with it.

I should wish for things more often!

Many of you who read yesterday’s post may have noticed this line:

Still hopeful some of these competition entries pay off, haven’t won anything notable for a while.

This morning I opened an exciting email, I won not one but TWO Kindle Paperwhite e-readers.  How awesome is that?  I wanted a Kindle for ages but couldn’t afford one as you know, now I have 2!   Ordinarily I would sell an expensive prize but you know what?  I am keeping one and have given one to a very good friend of mine.  She is a single mum and has had a torrid time of it at the moment, awaiting redundancy and panicking about Christmas.  She can now give her son a Kindle.

From all the advice I have given, entering competitions is so worth it.  I have won some great prizes, some useful prizes, some expensive prizes and of course fun prizes!   It is odd I mentioned yesterday I hadn’t won for a while and then 2 at once.  Not just that fact, but I prize I really wanted!  No more boring train journeys for me.

It is always nice to win something on the 1st of the month too, gives you that push to enter loads more!  December is a great competition month, ten times more than normal due to advent competitions.

I hope to update you with further wins soon!

Competition win restores positivity

As you all know, I do a lot of competitions.  This hobby started as I was on my own a lot in the evenings, I was lucky enough to win some things very early.  Then I won a lot of things!

This gave me the bug obviously, in recent years though winning has been harder.  I suspect as life and finances grow tighter for people, more and more of those people look at entering competitions as a way to improve their lives.  Why not though, entering is completely free aside from increasing your spam mail by 500%.

I have won some really nice things, prior to the debt carnage I used them to furnish my home, to sell for money or to give to people on celebratory occasions.  I haven’t won anything in a couple of months though so was beginning to feel despondent.  The power of winning something though is amazing, yesterday I had a little parcel.  Opened it and I had won 100 teabags!  I know some people will laugh BUT stop and look it another way, that is 100 cups of tea I now don’t have to finance.  That may well only save me £6 but still a saving right?

One of the biggest tips I got, that did not involve scrimping, was to enter competitions and to enter a lot.   You don’t have to enter all the big flash ones like TV’s, cars, holidays etc.  Enter as many as you can that even help a little bit.  I have won boxes of crisps that have fed the kids at lunchtimes for months.   Hampers, fuel vouchers, shopping vouchers all help.  Also, there are loads where you can 1000 x product which is normally a jar of coffee or something similar but worth doing.

It’s amazing that winning a box of tea bags has given me renewed vigour and positivity.  In my limited experience, I have found one piece of good news normally leads to another.   And thus it has, I was dreading my speeding ticket notification as this adds to my existing points and yesterday I got that letter.  Amazingly it offered me the speed awareness course instead of points, amazing as you are only permitted to do 1 course every 3 years.  Now, I checked my records for when I last went, and I definitely attended one 2 years ago so I didn’t qualify.  But, apparently I do according to this statement “we have checked you are eligible and can confirm we do not have you registered on a course in the previous 3 years”.  Now, clearly this is an omission but I am grabbing it with both hands and looking at it as a stroke of luck.

Do you see where I am going with this?  Most of the time I find things tend to cascade downwards, you just need an anchor point to start an upward trend.  Perhaps this is it.

christmas fear begins

Anyone else worried about Christmas yet?

I have always loved Christmas, nor really sure why, it is just a happy time of year.  Prior to this year, I always managed to keep a little bit of money back in a Christmas savings account so that my children had what they wanted.  But this year…

I have not managed to save anything obviously, due to the constant demands for my money.   I have been lucky enough to win a couple of gifts for them, but the lists arrived yesterday.  Handed to me by two excited children to hand to Santa.

I read that note to Santa and felt that instant dread, as I can barely afford any of it.  However, I have never been a father who won’t do anything to provide for them.  So, it may be the time to sell one of my beloved possessions, which forms a large part of my ‘secret hobby’.  An expensive item but something I have managed to hold on to, but it may be that I have to back down and get the cash.

I haven’t stopped entering thousands of competitions in the hope I win some toys.  But it isn’t just for my children, I have nieces and nephews too.   For the first time in my life, I am not looking forward to Christmas at all.

The sceptre of Debt affects every walk of your life, it is always there.  You now constantly worry about major events, events like Christmas, birthdays, celebrations, school trips and then your own household bills, social life and so on.

I still have 2 months but I am expecting more brown envelopes soon.   Whatever happens, I will do my absolute best to make this Christmas wonderful for them.

making money through luck and persistance

So how can you increase your cash flow, in times of crisis?  Well, as you can imagine I investigated every method possible from selling blood, to male escorting, to playing the lottery and so on.   Of all the things I tried, and had to use, to try and relieve my dire situation one has been quite successful.   Entering competitions..

I started doing this following a chance conversation with a friend of mine, who’s mother had made thousands of pounds from entering competitions and selling the prizes.  I scoffed, as many of us would, because “nobody every wins those things”.  Well, evidently they do!

Here is where I got lucky, I tried a couple of competitions and then amazingly won the first one I entered – a hamper of food.  Well………that saved me a week’s shopping money!   I then won more and more things, the first year I won so many kids toys the cupboards were full ready for Christmas.  I think in the first year of serious debt I saved a fortune of kids toys at Christmas, birthdays and other kids birthdays.  I also won some nice home appliances that I could either keep or sell.  In summary, it worked.

It’s hard work, hour every evening and dedication but what else did I have to do?  Remember I had been kicked out of my home on a ‘trial seperation’.  This was possibly the silver lining, I had so much time on my hands in the evenings and rather than sit there and worry about my marriage and money, I entered competitions.  Hundreds of them.

My most wins was 13 in a month, and the most I made from selling things was just over £1000.   Any amount went to pay off debts.  If I had no debt, my home would be full of the latest items, but they had to go.

It is a pity I wasn’t more dedicated.  Hardened ‘compers’ go the extra mile to win the best things, like cars.  They travel for miles for entry forms, get very creative in competitions that require hours, even weeks, of work.  I just didn’t have the gumption but really, it could win you a car.  Imagine that, a new car you could sell for £7-£10,000.  What a wedge of the debt to pay off!  I actually someone who won a car, by kissing it the longest.  They were allowed a 5 minute break every hour, she did it for 6 days flat.  Fair play, it was a nice car too, a Renault Clio I think, brand new.

I would recommend this though, entering competitions.  Why?  well…they are free to enter with 100% reward.  Yes you may rarely win, but occasionally you win a few at once and even more occasionally they are worth a fair bit of money.

Try it fellow debtors, it really works.