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Raising the balance not going well!

By now you all know, I need to raise the £4500 in order to file my company insolvency.  This is not going well at all.

I have until the 21st November to raise at least half the money.  The usual options are not available to me so have applied for 5 householder loans.  As the loans are under 5K I don’t have to involve my ex, but declined on all 5.  Guess why??

Yep, because I am now involved in Insolvency!  Good grief, can it get any worse?   Yet another door shuts because of something else.  The world of finance is so deeply linked it’s scary.  So, it’s lie mode from now on then.

One other thing, every decline of credit is another black mark on your credit history.  Not that it makes a blind bit of difference any more as the chances of me ever getting credit again is pretty much zero.   But, it is annoying.

I still have 11 days though, 11 days to come up with other ways of raising the money.  Wish me luck.