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Happy Halloween – NOT

Ah Halloween, a night of kids dressing up and multiple knocks on the door.  Up to this year, I love it.  It’s fun, and fills the house with sweets for a month!  But not this year.

I have been excluded you see, the children’s mother booked things for them to do in her new area and then was very kind enough to ‘ask me’ in front of them, meaning I couldn’t actually say no as they were already excited.  A cruel emotional blackmail of a trick, but it is the seasons of tricks is it not?

I was intending to work late, and blank it completely but why should other kids miss out.  So, I bit the bullet and bought a mountain of sweets ready for the door knockings to begin.  Nice night for it too, which is typical!

This is my first Halloween without the kids, but I am positive it will not be the last.  My children, despite their young age, are very wise.  Today they phoned me and said they had made a decision that next year will be with me, bless them!   So that gives me exactly 12 months to plan the single greatest house decoration of all time.  It will be immense!

But enough of my bitterness, I truly hope you all have a marvellous Halloween and your kids look great as little witches and vampires.   We don’t know each other, we just read each other’s blogs, but if your kids knock my door then plenty of sweets await.

Until next year then…………..