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Competition win restores positivity

As you all know, I do a lot of competitions.  This hobby started as I was on my own a lot in the evenings, I was lucky enough to win some things very early.  Then I won a lot of things!

This gave me the bug obviously, in recent years though winning has been harder.  I suspect as life and finances grow tighter for people, more and more of those people look at entering competitions as a way to improve their lives.  Why not though, entering is completely free aside from increasing your spam mail by 500%.

I have won some really nice things, prior to the debt carnage I used them to furnish my home, to sell for money or to give to people on celebratory occasions.  I haven’t won anything in a couple of months though so was beginning to feel despondent.  The power of winning something though is amazing, yesterday I had a little parcel.  Opened it and I had won 100 teabags!  I know some people will laugh BUT stop and look it another way, that is 100 cups of tea I now don’t have to finance.  That may well only save me £6 but still a saving right?

One of the biggest tips I got, that did not involve scrimping, was to enter competitions and to enter a lot.   You don’t have to enter all the big flash ones like TV’s, cars, holidays etc.  Enter as many as you can that even help a little bit.  I have won boxes of crisps that have fed the kids at lunchtimes for months.   Hampers, fuel vouchers, shopping vouchers all help.  Also, there are loads where you can 1000 x product which is normally a jar of coffee or something similar but worth doing.

It’s amazing that winning a box of tea bags has given me renewed vigour and positivity.  In my limited experience, I have found one piece of good news normally leads to another.   And thus it has, I was dreading my speeding ticket notification as this adds to my existing points and yesterday I got that letter.  Amazingly it offered me the speed awareness course instead of points, amazing as you are only permitted to do 1 course every 3 years.  Now, I checked my records for when I last went, and I definitely attended one 2 years ago so I didn’t qualify.  But, apparently I do according to this statement “we have checked you are eligible and can confirm we do not have you registered on a course in the previous 3 years”.  Now, clearly this is an omission but I am grabbing it with both hands and looking at it as a stroke of luck.

Do you see where I am going with this?  Most of the time I find things tend to cascade downwards, you just need an anchor point to start an upward trend.  Perhaps this is it.

positivity or premonition?

I have a side hobby, a geeky one so I will keep it a secret for now.   But, I often wonder if being positive plays a part in it.  Take today for example, woke up knowing I was spending the morning doing my hobby and had a feeling something good would happen.  It stuck with me, and it’s happened before.

It happened again, hobby produced something great.   It’s amazing yes, but how do I put this to winning money to clear some of the this debt!  Or..perhaps it doesn’t work that way?  I have read ‘The Secret’ , learnt about the influence of the universe etc and it only seems to work in some situations.

Stay with me, I am not some oddball who believes in the stars and/or magic.  I wonder if positivity only works for something you haven’t caused yourself?  deliberately or by error.   Perhaps the point of life is to push you along but not bail you out, but something will have to.

My positive thoughts on the debt are mostly hopes and dreams!  As in, lottery win / inheritance / find buried treasure!   The important thing is to stay as positive as you can, apparently it can attract good fortune.  Well my smile has been pasted on for so long now it needs renewing!   Smiling through an affair, divorce and mountainous debt is some acting let me tell you.

But it has to end sometime, I firmly believe that and that, in itself, is a positive thought!