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bills, bills, bills.

Sometimes, and it is rare, my situation gets to me.  It does take a lot, by definition I am a very strong person.  I handle personal crisis well but occasionally it gets too much.  I can only juggle so many things at any one time, today got a bit too much.

Started last night when I got in from work, my ex was kind enough to leave the usual school letters and bills to be filled in, signed and paid and then to be returned to the school.  Quite why she cannot pick up a pen and at least fill them in is beyond me but I am well used to it.  However, there were a few more than normal.

I had come home with £24 in my wallet, proud I had made it through the week after withdrawing £50.  I figured that would get me though the weekend but no, and you can guess what is coming here, the school forms requiring payment equalled £24.  Totally gutted…my wallet was now empty.  Whatever I try to do, every week I end up with no money.  It annoyed me and just felt a little deflated.

Today I received 2 letters, the first was a fine from my bank for my business bank account going overdrawn.  This was expected as I have ceased trading.  This letter will be dealt with by my Insolvency Practitioner but it was still unpleasant to receive the letter.  I knew it was was bad as it was HAND SIGNED!  Normally bank letters have printed signatures, but not mine.

Onto letter 2.  My energy company is putting up my direct debit by a whopping £46/month.   This is an additional £500/year.  This was my breaking point today, I just feel like I always lose.  No matter how many savings I make, or things I sell, or cuts to spending I perform I somehow always end up back at square one.  I have mentioned this before, once you are at the bottom of the pit then somehow you stay there.   It does seem that you need that lucky win, or lottery win, to pull your out.

I wonder how many other people in debt feel this way.  This never ending drain on your funds?  Perhaps when you are affluent you don’t notice these little things but sadly I do notice them.  I just want a break here, it is so hard keeping everything paid and up to date as a single parent.

It is now only 7 weeks till Christmas too.  Something really needs to happen, financially, and quick.

a week of being thrifty

I would have loved to have done this experiment by choice, but sadly it was out of necessity.  As you all know, my readers, money is very tight right now.  So I am trying to find multiple ways to get round this problem.

This week I formulated a plan to see how little I could actually spend in a week, and what I could cut out.  Don’t get me wrong, I have cut back on a lot already, but this was a little extra.

The key is lunch, don’t eat one!   Or…don’t take your wallet!  I’m not joking…if you eat a decent breakfast and drink a few pints of water you can last.  Also, if you buy a pack of 6 apples and 6 bananas from your local supermarket then that is your lunch for the week.  I also declined the lunch visits to the local village with work colleagues where pastry shops live!

Dinners are easy, I spend a lot of time on the web entering various competitions but this time I spent time looking at local shopping deals.  Being as all the major supermarkets are within 5 minutes driving distance from my home this made sense.  I managed to get a week’s worth of shopping for myself and the kids for twenty pounds.  Never underestimate the power of looking up voucher codes, or 2 for 1 offers.  They save you a fortune.

I also have a bike, and I have used it a fair bit.  Saves on driving.  The bike also adds to my chin up bar, push up bars and swiss ball.   This means I cancelled the gym membership too, as I only really used it for heavy weights, running machine and to sob gently in the steam room where nobody could see me!

I detest being in this position at my age but needs must.  As I live on my own, it only matters that the kids have healthy, good food to eat and the bills are paid.   Which they are.

Even the usual threatening letter from the HMRC yesterday didn’t make me break into a nervous sweat, as it threatened me with a debt collector.  This is no bad thing as they phone you anyway and you can negotiate a payment.  Again that is thrifty, why you ask?  Well, the HMRC won’t put me on a payment plan so they pass the debt to a debt collection agency.  But, that afore mentioned agency are happy to accept a payment plan as long as they get the money.  How ironic eh?  The irony being that if you flip the HMRC the bird and ignore the letter, you get a better deal.  That is only for fines of course, not major debt.

So, not a bad week, still got money in my wallet which is very rare nowadays.

lost a bit of weight too..not sure if that is the lack of food or stress!