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It’s time to get tough.

Well, it has truly kicked off….or more to the point, it is about to.

My ex-wife, as you all know, is a total and utter nutcase.  But this time, she has gone too far.   After suffering multiple more phone calls of her screaming abuse at me because we cannot agree on a child maintenance fee I can take no more.  What great timing for me to take a stand too as, from Monday, we will probably never speak again about anything other than the children.

So, a brief reminder of the issue, she is demanding a huge £400 for the children and £600 equity repayment A MONTH.  The maximum I will have to give is £300/month according to the state.   But, the only reason I have never paid this is I pay for EVERYTHING towards the kids, she doesn’t even give me money towards their school trips etc!

I have been called multiple bad names including “sh1t father”, “tight bastard”, etc.   Interesting isn’t it eh, the affair was discovered 5 years ago, and she left 3 years ago leaving me with shattered kids, a home to run, bills to pay and debts to clear.  What happened to her, oh she moved into her lovers home and got her sports car etc.  But it is what it is.

So, I have flipped this on it’s head.   My solicitor has issued a letter, to be delivered Monday, with the following summary:

1. She is no longer permitted to enter my home at her own free will, she has been gone over 12 months so I am allowed to request this

2. She is to be removed from the land registry record, this is no way affects her 50% of the equity but wipes her from all other issues with the house.  This also prevents her opening accounts or credit cards against my house

3. she is no longer permitted to contact me about anything other than the children

4. I am stopping her getting her 100% of the child support from the government, I have been entitled to 50% for the last 3 years

and a few other things.  The letter is matter of fact and she will kick off but in reality, if she had just left me alone this would not have happened.  It also protects me fully now and cuts all last ties with this lunatic.

We now also have a pathetic letter from her solicitor, demanding I present my financial situation.  We have declined this as nobody bar a judge in court can request this.  The letter also slags me off for not attending mediation!  Yes, the very same mediation she booked an appointment in my name, without my permission!   Of course, there is no need for mediation, there is only one asset!!   That asset is the equity.

So then, I know how this will go.  She will go absolutely mental when she gets the letter, but with every control freak if you remove their control, they cannot cope.

Watch this space, anyone who has been through this, or who is about to…watch and learn.  It’s time to fight back, and I intend to tear her apart this time.  I have had enough of this vile woman, it’s time she got brought down a bit.

Solicitor needed again

New Year, same rubbish.  A little while ago My ex started receiving letters from the HMRC (it makes a nice change for them not to be addressed to me!) about her benefits.  I know this as it is stamped on the top of the envelope, I didn’t open the mail.  I suspected this meant she was being investigated for fraudulent claims, as they were being made using my home address and of course she moved out 2 years ago.

I smirked at the time but with trepidation.  Any financial loss to her would mean she would turn to me, as has always been the case.  Our arrangement, since the divorce was finalised, has not involved me paying her anything, namely as she cohabits and I pay for everything for the children.  She pays for clothes etc but ones that stay at her address, so I don’t pay for them.  Now, my lovely ex, has decided now she will be hundreds of pounds worse off each month I should be paying her maintenance.

Luckily, I have been expecting this to surface at some point so I am well prepared to fight my battle.  Chiefly, the fact that she pays NOTHING towards the house that still bears her name, and nothing towards any bills for it or the children.  There are many other factors to include, but they would bore you.

Sadly, this means a solicitor.  More money to pay out, I am always paying out one way or another.  I am hoping to call her bluff before it gets as far as legal entities but knowing her she will push it.   I am reasonably confident she doesn’t have a leg to stand on but should the worse happen and I have to pay her money (for what I have no idea as I am the primary parent) it will actually finish me off.

As you all know, I have done very well with the debt and budgeting with any spare cash.  If this spare cash is then removed, and this is no exaggeration here, I will be left with absolutely nothing.

I am not going to stand for it though, I will fight and delay anything that I have to.  I am sick of her attracting money and swanning around taking from people, it simply has to stop at some point.   The problem with someone who always gets what she wants is she never expects to lose.  She may get a shock with this one.

My children are well looked after and want for nothing, they live in a nice home and have been shielded from her affair and walking out, and from my financial despair.  They are happy, healthy children and I have been on my own with them for 4 years being the solid base.  Sadly, she fails to recognise this, no shock there, it is ALWAYS about what she feels she is entitled to.  Let’s be honest, she works 2 days a week for her boyfriend.  She could easily get off her arse and get a proper job but then why would she?  She gets a free house, no bills or debt left and a 13K car to drive around in.

Nope, I am not rolling over on this one nor will I raise my voice and get angry about it.  I am going to remain perfectly calm and take care of everything in the background.  She really hates it when she is not in control.

It would be nice to start this year with a win for me and for her life to start to take a downward turn.