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November could be a tough month

Payday Friday…yay.  No wait, boo.  Checking what has to be paid during November, I may be in trouble.   In fact, I will be..

I have a few extra unplanned bills, not new debts, but repair bills and half term children entertainment to pay for.   I have always tried to keep on top of the house and it’s upkeep, I was told a long time ago by a builder friend to try and repair things as soon as you notice them, if you leave it…the problem worsens.   So, I have managed to do that.

But, next month I need to find an additional £500. That is a fair amount of money for someone in my position but not a lot I can do.

I really hate being in the position where I don’t look forward to my paydays anymore.  Now, being paid merely serves a purpose, there is no room for treats or luxuries nowadays, just bills and multiple debt repayments.   That is my dream though, to be paid and have nothing bar the essential payments coming out.  Actually having disposable income is a pipe dream I’m afraid.

So what am I going to do about it?  well, I still enter hundreds and hundreds of competions. I have done well but right now I need to win some more things, primarily to sell for cash.   I have also been busy researching freelance part time jobs, being as I get a lot of time to myself.   What else is there, nothing that I can see.

Run out of things to sell too, apart from myself ha ha!   But, I have found the internet is full of tips, and so are so many of the blogs I am following.  These blogs are really inspiring stuff, at some point I hope my blog becomes an inspirational one rather than me moaning!

The scrimping continues though, amazing how little you can spend when you don’t have to.